Thermal underwear has arrived at Camp Moria. THANK YOU to the donors!

Urgent appeal for donations for the new school for the children of African families! We need the donations for tables, chairs and educational games. Books, notebooks and pens are already there.

Urgent appeal for donations!

for school in Camp Moria

 There are several sparsely equipped schools for children in Camp Moria. Unfortunately, there is still no school for the children of African families. These children have not been able to attend school for months or years. We are building a school for African children and already have books, exercise books and pens. Now we need donations for tables and chairs, educational games and materials for children and school activities. Five to seven camp residents who were teachers in their home country will volunteer to teach the 150 children in the camp. In total there are around 350 children from African families in Camp Moria who do not attend school. We are currently waiting for a container in which to teach. Until further notice, the school has to take place outside. We get warm jackets for the children from a local aid organization.
We depend on your donation.