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Blog July 13, 2021 - The important things first

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I write what I think and that's what I stand for. This is not a novel, it is my take on reality.  

Etymology, justification, linguistic - gender, legal - plagiarism, copyright, questions
can be found at the end of the text.


The important things first: 

What are the big problems in our world? The knowledge of the need to rectify this is very much there, but there is a huge lack of implementation.
We have the Paris Climate Agreement. But it is not adhered to. The climate crisis is advancing, CO2 emissions are not decreasing, the irreversible concentration in the atmosphere is steadily increasing. The raw materials, in this context fossil fuels, are mined until nothing is left. We see and feel the effects. Climate disasters are increasing, we have to get used to them now.
And our children? What about their future? And our farmers? The acreage? Our vegetables, our fruits? And what about all the wildlife ?!
Climate change, drought, food shortages, hunger, thirst, all of these have an impact on people. Where do we go if we can no longer live here, if there is no more water there or if floods make life no longer possible there? Forest fires of unprecedented size, severity and frequency. Or severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, hurricanes in the destructible size and on a scale that leaves only destruction, hardship and death. Or earthquakes, landslides, mudslides.
The poles are melting, the sea level is rising and the sea is warming, the corals and fish are dying. 

In addition to the environmental disasters, the extinction of species of animals, in addition to the overfishing of the oceans, in addition to the health problems worldwide, we continue as if all of this were normal and ok and are not really surprised. With what explanation?
Survival of the fittest?
After me the deluge?
Isn't everything so bad, you just have to see it positively?
Should others judge it? Maybe politics?
Or has it always been like that?
Or: I don't care, it's not my problem.
I am amazed at the sentences that some have come up with. But do you actually believe your explanations yourself?
The fact is, nature is not doing well and so we are not doing well!
I know you don't like to hear that. It is better to distract yourself from reality with this or that time waster. But how honest is that? Aren't we actually lying to ourselves? And our children?
The small fishermen no longer catch fish because the giant trawls of large industry fish the oceans empty.
The mother can no longer draw water from the well because the big corporations are pumping out all the groundwater to fill in bottles that are expensive to sell (plastic if possible!). What is the fisherman and mother doing now?
Exactly, they leave if they can so as not to starve and dying of thirst and to create a future for their children. Or what would you do ??
If it makes things more difficult that corruption, war or a form of government of dictatorship also prevails in your own home country, what do you HAVE to do? Exactly - go even faster!
And yet there are people who are surprised that there are people on the run.
Then I hear sentences like: They should stay where they come from. Or I can't help it that they feel like that, it's not my country, it's not my problem.
I disagree. It is our problem! It is a problem for all of us!
Famous musicians like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and many more have written and sung songs about a better world, yes about world peace. We listen to these songs, sing along and also dream of a better world. After the song, the wish may echo a little, then it is forgotten again. Famous freedom fighters, visionaries, activists, fighters for civil, women's and human rights and such as Martin Luther King, Madiba, Mahatma Gandhi, Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir, Clara Zetkin, Rosa Parks, Rigoberta Menchú. 

All conventions, the human and children's rights of the Geneva Convention, the climate agreement, the disarmament agreement, all of them are of no use if the great and powerful do not adhere to them!
We are all meant. I think it is time that we - you and me - we little earth citizens, take this into our hands together.
This is a call to stand up together, to a togetherness to all well-meaning people, to all non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, be it in humanitarian, social, environmental or animal welfare. We all want the same thing: a better and fairer world. A sustainable world. A world for our children and grandchildren. A world for the flora and fauna. A togetherness of all peoples and ethnic groups. A fair distribution and sustainable use of resources. A large space for all remaining animals, free and really appropriate to their species. A good cooperation, a benevolence, a good neighborhood without envy and resentment. A good coexistence. A design for this planet. Probably my appeal will not be heeded, ignored, certainly smiled at and ignored. But who else does it? We want love and charity for everyone, everything and everyone. We want to get away from consumption, away from plastic, away from the exploitation of nature, away from egoism, away from greed, away from ever more. Towards warmth and justice, towards peace.
We have the UN, we have the Geneva Convention, we have the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. But what happens at the EU's external borders? All of these internationally recognized rights are disregarded, and even violently trampled, or even murdered. And everyone listens for a moment, if at all, and then everyone goes back to their everyday life. And so it is with everything and with everything. Not only when it comes to refugees, no, it is the same with child abductions in Africa, with child soldiers, with the plundering of raw materials, the extermination of entire animal species, with the destruction of primeval forests, simply everywhere you look. Organizations may fight it, but they are alone. Mostly without a chance. The market, power, money and violence rule, in other words egoism. 

I used to want to make the world a better place. I saw injustices here and there and I totally disagreed with them. I also had a bad feeling about being born in this country and many others were not so lucky with their place of birth in the heart of Europe.
In the course of time I was told from different sides that everything already has its reason and that you can only change something on a small scale - you cannot change the whole world, you just have to accept that. I tried to follow that, to accept it. I saw a lot and helped on a small scale.
But I noticed that it really helped on a small scale, but only very little in relation to world problems, the big, global problems of the world remained, and in some cases you also reach the limits on the small things - namely when the egoism of individuals is of higher order Position is approved. Which means the global problems strongly influence the small problems. So none of it brings anything, this would theoretically be the logical conclusion.
However, as you can see under the etymology, of the word thought, the feelings are the opposite. And these cannot always be kept under one roof. The anger over the injustices, over the exploitation, over the oppression, over the mistreatment. It is good that the feelings cannot simply be switched off. 

I don't agree with everyone looking the other way and just concentrating on their own little garden. With blinkers. I certainly understand that we are often under great pressure in this country, be it from work, finances, expectations, illness or family reasons. I know profound problems of the individual. Everyone has 1000 things to do every day. This has to be done, it has to be done by then and then, you have to think about it, this has to be planned or organized. There is always a lot. Very much. There is little time and energy left to reflect on yourself and your life. You work and come home to regenerate somewhat, just so that you can go back to work the next day. Most of the time, there is also the fact that the work is a job that you do to make money, to pay all the endless bills that keep fluttering into the house. Only a few were able to turn their hobby into a profession. We relax on the sofa in front of the TV, play games or go for a beer to switch off. But what do we actually switch off from? From functioning? Everything is regulated, regulated, everything has to be documented, everything has to be secured, everything has to be paid for. Everything - everything - everything - always - always - always - now - now - now. Better yesterday and not just today. We are constantly running and getting things done and yet we are running out of time.
But actually we have or would have everything. However, so many are dissatisfied, moaning and feeling sick. But actually we have everything, far too much of everything. Abundance, luxury. And what for? For later? For when? For consumption? Out of selfishness? Because others have it too? 

Don't we all just want to live in peace? A solid roof over your head, enough to eat and nice and pleasant neighbors. A healthy frugality.
And yet everything always complains about this and that. It's never just good. When are we satisfied?
Very few people on this planet have it as good as we do here. And this on all levels. We have food, we have drinking, we have houses and apartments, we have security, we have peace, here. But why do we have that? Why are we doing so well in this country? Have we - or our ancestors - really worked out and built everything ourselves?
Or have you not made use of other cultures and countries after all? Weren't we part of the colonization and / or the Christianization? Didn't we get involved financially or in terms of goods technology all over the world - clearly to our advantage?
You can say who wouldn't? If I don't, someone else will. Survival of the fittest. Yes, bravo. And everyone else is left behind.
In my opinion, this is not togetherness, so coexistence is not possible. Neither for mankind, nor for the animal world, nor for the plant world. The reason that only the strongest or the most intelligent of animals survive is a bit too short-sighted. It is certainly the case that nature regulates itself. But haven't we been part of the real nature for a long time? Have we not classified and treated all of our so-called indigenous peoples as primitive and undeveloped? With methods of coercion and violence. With inhuman, inhumane methods? And that should be civilized and highly developed? 

You must be joking. History has shown that if you take into account what is not read in the nicely combed history books, it is clear where the European wealth comes from. Our museums are all still full of the testimonies! But everyone looks the other way and quietly enjoy. Just don't give up anything of yourself, after all, you worked hard for it. Yes, most of the time we worked very hard. Past and present. Even up to burnout. But what for? That brings me to the subject of health. And thus also Covid. It's bad, it was underestimated, it was a turning point in a cloud-bedded society. And yes, we were restricted. But wait a minute. How was that in other countries? There are so many countries that most young people don't have the choice of choosing a job, let alone going out to party every weekend. But here people complain that the youth have lost a year. What exactly was lost this year? Has the fun been lost? Oops, you suddenly have time as a youngster. Well what the hell am I going to do with it? I only get depressed when I have to deal with myself. Because then I become aware of my own lack of perspective due to the omnipresent abundance and I don't want to worry about that at all. 

Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is the meaning of life? Most of these questions we ask ourselves only at the beginning and then again at the end of our lives. But what happens in the meantime? Are we too busy with everything? With what actually? In this country also with survival? Or with working out the finances for the material and for fun on the weekend? Often this functioning is too much or too unfulfilling. Or is it just me? Is it just me asking myself these thoughts and questions in the meantime? Should you really wait until you become so seriously ill that you are forced to grapple with it, to deal with it?
Or is it easier when you see everything negatively? Everything talks badly and you feel so good because everything sucks anyway and you have an excuse for everything, and something to do so that you don't have to devote yourself to solving the problem, to finding the problem? Or do we actually have no problems at all? It's all good, isn't it? 


Let's call things as they are.
We order clothes, cell phones, jewelry, food, everything we want on the Internet, in the world wide web. Global. Everything comes from everywhere, is transported around the world, goods, goods, plants, animals. We are connected to everything and everyone through the Internet. The vulture doesn't know what to get advertising from. We use globality every day, but we don't really care about the world's problems. You can't change anything about it anyway. You can only change something on a small scale. Starting with yourself. I also came to this wisdom. Yes, admittedly, it's not always easy. And it will probably remain an ongoing process. But maybe that's a good thing. Otherwise it meant that you stopped. Incidentally, I often use the word ‘man’ because I save myself having to write the male and female versions each time. Although I once learned in school that you don't write in essays. But I'm getting off course. However, admittedly, there are already a lot of rules and restrictions in this country, right? Or is it just me? Back to the topic. We use the advantages of globality but turn a blind eye or at least the responsibility for the earth. Who is responsible for the earth, for the whole world, if not us? Who can change something in global injustice if not all of us together? However, what is preventing us from doing this? Belief in a jurisdiction that is not in our hands? Or the strength, the possibilities? Let others do that. That's what we have the politicians for. But what has changed in the last 100 years ago in politics, except that it mostly became more perfidious? Or is our own egoism hindering us? Do we find the same thing for everyone, but a little more for me? What do we really need to live? What will it be in the end - and the end of every life will probably come - which we look back on? What made us happy What did we learn? What have we achieved? When I was the president of a Spitex with 50 employees, I learned a lot from and about palliative care. That opens your eyes to some of the questions mentioned above. And also your own answers. What I'm getting at is that we should all take responsibility for our world and not leave ourselves to others. I want justice, fairness, sustainability, health, peace. Why is it so difficult to do? I think a great many people on this planet want exactly the same thing. No more and no less. But what happens if only one or just one person claims a little more for themselves, even though they know perfectly well that they are taking more out than the others? And what if she is still looking for and finding accomplices or allies - which methods are clear - then the whole thing can tip over. Are we back to the topic of survival of the fittest. After me the deluge. I know it better. The faster is the faster. Well, that's just not a cooperation, not a team. Yesterday I watched the great film Volunteer on SRF Play. That's exactly what it is. Some stand up, fight for good, for freedom and justice. 

But the brotherhood of some other brothers is very limited when it comes to your own garden. Then you hear solidarity, brotherhood and sisterhood as well as neutrality usually ceases rapidly. 

Our mental hospitals are full. I wonder why? Our hypocrisy sucks. Pathetic. Like the maggot in bacon.
What can we change now? I think we all have to get up together after thinking. Thought for yourself, about life, about meaningfulness, about our heart. About our time here. About that now. But when is the time to get up? When did enough happen? Wait until we die, then our children can do it. We're getting off lightly, aren't we?
I say now is the time. If not now then when? Tomorrow? In a year? How long do we want to wait? What do we want to wait for? What excuse do you have now? How often do we want to lie to ourselves? 


But what exactly do we want to change? We want justice, we want sustainability. We don't want to spend any more tax money on wars. We no longer want our proxy wars, in which we have always deserved, as history says and to this day. We no longer rent our weapons and combat machines and planes, no, we don't want any and no bloody money from them either. We don't want animal suffering. We want to be together. We want to feed everyone in the world. We do not want large corporations that buy up all the water on earth, just so that the poorer do this, because they no longer have groundwater, because the large corporations pump it out, this for a lot of money, which they do not have, now in plastic (or no matter in which bottles have to buy. We want everyone to have a roof over their heads and enough to eat. Yes, that's exactly why we often go without meat.
Are these blue-eyed goals or wishes? Yes, exactly, they are, and by the way, I have blue eyes too. A little blue-green, but what the heck. Whether brown, blue, green or whatever color the eyes, hair or skin color has or have, does not matter at all. Is it that difficult ??! 

So much is going so wrong, selfish, violent, humiliating, unfair, hateful, corrupt and simply unbelievable. And yet we all take it somewhere. The media report about it, the politicians occasionally speak about it, but it doesn't happen. One condemns this and that, but nothing changes. A brief outcry here, a frown there. And after a short time everything resumes its usual course. Here a war, there hundreds of murdered, here an environmental disaster, there an emergency. Well, that's the way it is. It will continue like this until either everyone has killed themselves and / or there are no more raw materials in the world. Is that really our goal? Are we really taking it that way?
I say no. And I defend myself against it. Starting small is good. But it is not enough. There has to be more. We have to think and act on a larger scale! Together in togetherness. 

It is about the human, animal and plant relationship. It's about our only (!!!) planet and our life and that of our children and grandchildren.
It's about limiting our own egoism! It's about fairness!
It's about togetherness! 




Etymology, justification, linguistic - gender, legal - plagiarism, copyright, questions 


thought (n.)

Old English þoht, geþoht "process of thinking, a thought; compassion," from stem of þencan "to conceive of in the mind, consider" (see think). Cognate with the second element in German Gedächtnis "memory," Andacht "attention, devotion," Bedacht "consideration, deliberation."

Bammesberger ("English Etymology") explains that in Germanic -kt- generally shifted to -ht-, and a nasal before -ht- was lost. Proto-Germanic *thankija- added a suffix -t in the past tense. By the first pattern the Germanic form was *thanht-, by the second the Old English was þoht.

Second thought "later consideration" is recorded from 1640s. Thought-crime is from "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (1949); thought police is attested from 1945, originally in reference to war-time Japanese Special Higher Police (Tokubetsu Koto Keisatsu). 




I have hope. I see the need.
I am neither a good singer nor do I have any other talents I know. That's why I write. And what do I have to lose?
It's always easier to say no than to look for solutions. The latter makes more sense, I think. 





Linguistic and gender
For reasons of writing fluency, I usually gender nutural terms. But since I am a woman, it should be clear to everyone that I am writing in the sense of all persons. All in all I write as it suits me. Thank you for understanding. 




Legal - plagiarism, copyright
This is my bolg. This is my text. These are my written thoughts. I do not claim to be omniscient, nor did I invent the ABC, and yet I string letters together. If I am allowed to do the latter, and I am a person who has learned the language both through my parents' home and through society, has also had conversations and discussions many times in my life so far and thus inevitably expands my ideas, reflected, consolidated and developed, the text is certainly full of plagiarism. But I can live with that. If someone cannot live with it, he should contact me, then we are happy to discuss it - in writing or orally. 




I am at your disposal at any time by email if you have any questions. 

Blog July 20, 2021 - Why should I help?

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Why exactly should I help? After all, I have more than enough problems on my own. Let others do that. Those can do it who have no or at least fewer problems of their own and more money than I have.

What is noticeable here, however, is that if each and every one takes care of their own challenges, who will take care of the bigger picture?
Since Switzerland is a Schengen and Dublin state, it goes hand in hand with EU asylum policy. Switzerland, our Federal Council, is therefore actively involved in the 'New Pact on Migration and Asylum'. A 'state-neutral zone' is now to be created on European soil at the EU's external borders, where asylum cannot be sought!
On what basis do you come to agree to this on behalf of all Swiss citizens and at the same time support the Frontex company financially with all of our tax money? It seems to me that we, as Swiss, are clearly violating the human rights convention, which is a binding international treaty and is anchored in our federal constitution.

Are we not all knowingly guilty of willful human rights violations (we are unable to apply for asylum because a fictional zone on European soil is specially created for it) and murder (pushbacks are largely financially supported by Frontex)?

What about our freedom and our democracy? How free and how democratic are we really in this country? We pride ourselves on neutrality and compliance with human, children's and asylum rights. But we do not follow, implement or adhere to them. Look to Greece.

Let's go back a little in history. Who of us still believes that Switzerland was not involved in the division of Africa and America? Did we really have nothing to do with profit from slaves? Where did the cotton, the tobacco, the chocolate and the coffee come from? All of this is kept secret in our history books. Read the book 'Journey in black and white - Swiss local appointments in matters of slavery' or look at the documentary series 'Decolonization'. Likewise the events of the documentary 'Abused and re-educated', here too Swiss people were involved. So, our red and white vest is definitely more red than white - a small white dot on our flag would probably correspond more to reality ... We haven't even discussed the financial sector here.

We all share responsibility for our history as well as for current Swiss and world happenings. It's up to all of us, to each and every one of us. Helping is part of us, let us reflect on it in our hearts. Not only in corona times. Helping is human. There are no limits to helping and no borders. That's the future. Our future. 

Blog August 16, 2021 - Richman Poorman

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The rich man, poor man, beggar man thief
Everyone claim that them are the chief
The rich man buy the poor man's life
The poor man take away the beggar man's wife

Don't cry, my brothers
Don't cry, my sisters
Tears won't change the situation
It's just a form, a form of reaction

Oh if you step on fire, fire burn you
Play with puppy, puppy lick your mouth
Stand up strong, you got to know where you belong
Say the weak ones now will soon become strong

Hey, everything will soon be okay
As soon as the war is over
Jah children will be free to come over
Singing and dancing ready to take over
Have some faith, have a little faith, hey hey

Hey, everything will soon he okay
As soon as the war is over
Jah children will be free to come over
Singing and dancing ready to take over
Have some faith, have a little faith

Oh, the rich man, poor man, beggar man thief
Everyone claim that them are the chief
The rich man buy the poor man's life
The poor man take away the beggar man's wife

Don't cry, my brothers
Don't cry, my sisters
Tears won't change the situation
It's just a form, a form of reaction

Tell you, if you step on fire, fire burn you
Play with puppy, puppy lick your mouth
Stand up strong, you got to know where you belong
Say the weak ones now will soon become strong, hey hey

Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry, don't shed no tears
Oh my little brother

Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry, don't shed no tears
Oh my little sister
Oh no no no no no no no

Oh no no no no no 

Songtext by Clinton Fearon

Blog September 2nd, 2021 - Less is more and the self-fulfilling prophecy

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Always faster, always better, always further, always higher, always more efficient, always more, more more, more and more. Everywhere we look everything is increased to the point of no longer possible and driven to the extreme, to the limit. From top sport to meat production. From rocket building to Mars to the DHL service. More and more in a shorter time, higher and higher and further to - yes to where actually? When is it enough? Until it runs out of resources or when people end up in burnout? When should the goal be achieved? Yes what goal anyway? The greatest possible profitability? The wealth of a few or the power of individuals? Or if our planet is everywhere just a desert that has been sucked empty or is so shaken by natural disasters and can no longer recover? Or if there are no more healthy animals and plants? When is it finally enough? When do we think about it?
In our cycle of working - sleeping - spending money and working again - sleeping - spending money, we no longer see the connections, the important things. Yes what is the important thing? Survival? Yes, for sure the survival of humans, animals and plants. Health. The health of the earth.
In our European tradition, in our religiously shaped society, Christianity, where is the mindfulness of our earth? History has shown that Christianization, colonization, slavery and the exploitation of all earthly resources can and will be justified on the basis of the Bible. The latest findings even show that rape, pedophilia and murder were allowed to be committed in the name of God. This applies not only to Christianity based on the Bible for 2000 years, but also to the Koran. Everything can and will be sanctified in the name of God or Allah. All atrocities. In our history books this is of course left out. After all, all deeds were done for ‘the good’ and in the name of the Lord Almighty and their representatives. 

Let us turn the wheel of history back a little further - far before the Christianity that has endured and is believed to this day and its excesses and shameful inheritance.
The first records of the Native Americans on stones and cave walls are 15,000 years old. They show life, they show the connection to the cosmos, they show calendars, solar, lunar and Venus calendars. They show the first democracy. They show the connection, the unity, the cooperation between humans, animals, plants and the cosmos. The Native Americans were and still are - spiritually. With them the sun is a deity. And mother earth. It is central to their belief that we care for Mother Earth. You are connected to nature and the cosmos. Another central point is that people are only guests on earth. This is in contrast to: The world belongs to man.
For me, the way we deal with the earth is reflected in our dealings with ourselves. We not only plunder the earth, we deal with ourselves in the same way. We are like a microcosm of the whole. For all of us societies, the wisdom of the Native Americans would do more than good. Well worth thinking about. About our goal, about the really important questions in life. In our time-limited life. About our limited life. About our limited resources. Over our limited horizons. About our black and white thinking. About our judgments in good and bad. About the meaningfulness of our actions. About our legacy to our future generations.
What again should the goal be? The exploitation of all natural resources? The holy war? The apocalypse or the jihad? Eternal life in heavenly paradise?
We are allowed to live as guests on this beautiful earth. However, we behave like parasites. In relation to the earth but also in relation to ourselves - and to our neighbors.

The main thing is higher, further, faster, better. More more more.
The main thing is that we are the believers, the good, the know-it-all, the almighty.
The main thing is that we support religious and power wars with our latest Swiss weapons. For the Christian order. All in good faith. But how GOOD is this supposed belief really - in fact and in truth? What do we really want to believe for our future? 

Blog November 14, 2021 - Rethink the context

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 Who hasn't understood the connection yet?

People always only react when it directly affects them or when it 'hurts' themselves. Only then does it get going and want to change something.

If injustice is done to others, it does not affect him, because firstly it is far away and you are fine yourself - so there is no reason to change anything.
That is bad and very sad in itself.

But that climate neutrality, human rights, animal and plant protection as well as the limited resources on our planet are directly related and affect each and every one of us directly, Homo Sapiens (the wise man) has still not understood.
Why is that? In disinterest or in a limited amount of wisdom?
This connection affects everyone on earth!

1. The drastic climate change has now become noticeable for everyone (floods, extreme winds and hurricanes, torrential thunderstorms, drought and forest fires, drought, etc.). It has thus been understood - although this has been predicted by science since the 1970s (60 years) - that we have to become climate-neutral as quickly as possible so that the planet does not warm up any further. (see Kyoto Protocol)

2. Due to the negative effects of climate change, more and more people will have to flee their homes. Not only wars, but above all hunger and thirst will drive millions more people in the future in search of a place on earth that is worth living in. We all, including Switzerland (!), Violate human rights every day. We are no better than Trump with his wall to the south. Switzerland pays around 14 million francs a year to Frontex (European agency for border and coast guards) with our tax money. These payments will increase to 75 million francs in the future (because the EU wants to upgrade Frontex and since the contributions of the individual Schengen member states are calculated based on their GDP in relation to the GDP of all participating countries, Switzerland will pay up to 75 million francs in the future . Swiss Francs per year to Fortress Europe). We signed the four Geneva Conventions on Human Rights from 1949 and the two Additional Protocols from 1977 and the one from 2005, which form the core of international humanitarian law. We Swiss in particular (note Henry Dunant from Geneva and the Red Cross) would be the main representatives of human rights! (see Geneva Convention)


3. Have our farmers (SVP politicians) not yet noticed that something has changed? Despite considerable progress and relief (machines of all types and sizes for everything) in the production and processing of food, the farmers in the fields must have noticed something. Did you notice any changes in the soil or the growing conditions? Even the hobby gardener has noticed the negative changes in the environmental conditions. In addition, the few bees and butterflies - practically no more insects. Everyone must have noticed! Yes, that diet has an impact on health is not a new finding either. You are what you eat! The pharmaceutical industry is definitely pleased. All the pesticides and the depleted soil, drink some of our groundwater! But no, the main thing is that you can spend millions on all environmentally friendly initiatives on a no campaign. But don't think outside the box. The fact is, we only have a few insects left - more than half are critically endangered. And that insects are related to plants, indeed are interdependent, should really be recognized by everyone. But there is still more ... Who Eats Insects? When there are almost no insects left, who is also out of food? Exactly, birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians. And we all know that when the food chain is broken, it affects all of the following. And who are the last in the food chain? I hope that no longer needs to be answered!

4. Nor is it a novelty that the resources (raw materials / mineral resources) on our planet are becoming scarce. Wood, steel, oil, coal, phosphorus, copper, nickel, zinc. And don't forget water! The latter means a separate chapter. It must not be that we exploit the earth and then think that everything is still in balance - it will then grow back again. No it does not! And if some think, just because they have felt it firsthand, ok, if we have to improve the climate, then we will just dismantle all the resources that are needed for renewable energies, for example. Lithium for batteries, we continue with exactly the same mistake. Nothing learned from Historix.

Let's just ask ourselves: Who does the world belong to? And we realize that we are all just guests here. When do we finally act accordingly? When do we vote sustainably for the future of all of us in referendums? 

Blog Dezember 21, 2021 in the evening - United

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What if I die tomorrow?
Ok, few people on this planet will care.
That's how it is.

Except maybe at the moment whether vaccinated or unvaccinated,
died in the former is perhaps enough for an FB entry, or for a very small entry in the constantly updated statistics for the latter.

But what if we all die tomorrow?
Ok, the flora and fauna on earth probably won't miss us too much.
Are we gonna miss ourselves? Is that possible?

A disease is one. There are numerous types of illness. So many very bad ones. There are dying people through disease, through murder, through old age, through hunger, through thirst.
What about all the dead people? How many of us have yet to die?

Assuming we could, before we all die tomorrow, press a reset button and paint and shape the world from scratch as we dream and wish, what would the planet look like, on which we are to for our short life time as guests?

We all knew it in our hearts.

Namely exactly like that.

Quiet. The heat in us. Connected.

Good night.

PS1. I'm not dying (at least as far as I know. But what do I know). Or am I only interested in all of this because - without knowing it - I am already dying?

PS2. I used to hear the saying 'The smarter one gives in, the donkey stays'. In the meantime, I think it should be better said: 'The cleverer goes on, the donkey takes the ladder later'. 

Blog August 7, 2022: Nowadays

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Keepin' people inna poverty,

So called the modern slavery.


Making profit, materialism and capitalism, 

Work all day for the babylon system, 

But still no able to feed the family. 


No plants grow no water comes clear, 

The result of climate change is here.


Suffering and fighting. Life s no mixture of effort, danger and joy. 

We must fight for human rights, equality and sustainability. 

No borders so people can move. 

Tax the establishment and global corporations - online and for real. 


Togetherness and positivity, 

Respekt, hope and love. 

One human race, one planet, one solution.